Document Shredding

Until the paperless office arrives, chances are your business could be at risk if confidential information ever got into the wrong hands. That’s why our secure document shredding services are so popular, as they are affordable and easy to use. Once your products are destroyed, you even receive a“certificate of destruction” for your records and peace of mind.

Here’s the type of documents most organizations ask us to dispose properly:

  • Employee Records
  • Financial Reports
  • Payroll Information
  • Customer Data
  • Pricing Documentation
  • Corporate Documents

Does your current document disposal process put you at risk?

Progressive organizations are being proactive with our on-site or off-site document shredding services. They are affordable, easy to deploy and you get the peace of mind that any confidential information has been properly disposed.

Secure Media Shredding

Media Shredding is now a critical component of IT asset management. Rover’s leak-proof on-site and off-site solutions are designed with your data security in mind.

Identity theft and leakage of confidential data can lead to major financial liability and legal litigation. Here are some larger organizations that faced recent data breaches you may have heard of in the news:

The estimated damage to these companies reputation and the financial impact of these breaches is estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Rover ensures the last step in data security is compliant and taken with confidence.

Physical assets have a risk of intrusion or theft after being decommissioned. Media devices that are not shredded are left vulnerable to malicious possibilities. The longer a device sits idle, the higher the threat. As your data security partner we provide quarterly informational updates to your team that will mitigate the liability created when storage device sit idle. Our goal is to keep industry best practices part of your everyday security protocols.

Our on-site and off-site shredding services keep your corporate information from getting in wrong hands. Government agencies, Non-Profit Organizations, financial institutions, healthcare centers and law offices are all concerned with the privacy of their data, which if compromised- can lead to dire and susceptible circumstances.

Rover follows a strict procedure to ensure compliance to state and federal regulatory standards. HIPPA, HITECH, NIST 800-88, DOD and NSA to name a few. Our employees are prescreened, back ground checked and heavily trained to ensure high standards of compliance.

Interested in learning more about secure media shredding? Contact your Rover representative today!

How it Works

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You place your documents in our secure on-site container

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Our trained professionals come to your location to empty your container

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Document destruction is done on-site or off-site (your choice)

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You receive an official “certificate of destruction”

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Documents are destroyed for 100% security

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Paper remnants are recycled into consumer products