Why Select ROVER?

At Rover, we know your business is unique. Unlike other companies in the industry, Rover’s proven service models are flexible to suit your specific schedule and budget. Our document management and electronics recycling services are tailored to directly fit your needs.

Don’t just take it from us, though. See what our customers are saying:

“The Rover people are knowledgeable and get back to me right away”
“Your security protection procedures were the best we’ve seen”
“The Rover staff make us feel like a customer, not a number”
“We had an issue in the past that we know will not happen with Rover”
“The drivers were professional and quick to learn our business”
“Rover provides a one-stop solution for shredding, storage and recycling”
“[Rover is] a pleasant departure from the big companies”
“Your company has provided us with outstanding customer service”
“Rover has the best rates in the area”

In addition to our strong customer relationships and dedication to providing flexible, secure and professional service, Rover’s recycling process is also extremely environmentally conscious.

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