What Is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)? Cost, Capabilities and Limitations

Has your organization ever had difficulty locating a record, or locating a specific piece of information within a record? Probably the easiest and most effective way to remedy this common issue is to digitize your paper records. This process of document imaging not only clears up space, which was once occupied by boxes of paper […]

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Switching Records Management Providers

If you’ve ever had issues with your current records management provider, you’ve probably thought about switching to a different one. In fact, that might be the very reason you’re reading this post right now. The fact of the matter is that many companies of all sizes experience some sort of problems with their providers from […]

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What is the Electronic Waste Recycling Process for Different Types of Equipment

So you want to recycle your company’s old electronic equipment. As simple as the process might be for you to hand it over to a reliable electronics recycling company, there are actually multiple variants involved throughout the entire electronic waste recycling process. The top-of-the-line question is, however: what is the appropriate method of disposal for […]

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What is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Security and compliance. These two words probably can’t be stressed enough when it comes to your company’s records and sensitive data. As a business with thousands of paper and electronic records, you probably think about these every day.

These questions are common, and easily answerable.

The records management industry helps many different businesses throughout many different industries […]

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A Review of the Best Records Management Companies In the DC/MD/VA Area

When your company’s paper records start to really pile up, you most likely are going to look into offsite records storage. When you do this, it’s very important to search for a provider that not only fits your needs, but also one that is secure and reliable. We at Rover Records Management get asked a […]

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A Review of the Best Electronics Recycling Companies In the DC/MD/VA Area

If your business has electronic equipment, chances are you will need to recycle it at some point. In doing so, you are going to research different electronics recycling providers to find the one that best fits your company’s unique and important needs. While our services help clients to securely destroy all types of electronic equipment […]

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Document Imaging: How It Works

Are your company’s records getting out of hand? If finding certain pieces of information within a large amount of records is difficult to do then maybe it’s time for you to look into document imaging services—one of the most convenient ways for your business to maintain its immense quantity of records.

Document imaging is the process […]

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